Sunday, April 26, 2009

Death Pedal: Free Premiere Tonite, in San Diego, CA

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(Art by San Diego's SWAMPDONKEY)

Killa Kareem Shehab’s fixie trick film is complete and premiering for free tonite!
Super stoked for Kareem and everybody associated w/ this film. SD keeps getting up on the map. And this film takes it to the next level, for sure.
Featuring SD’s sickest fix geared riders, plus world class riders from Seattle, Phoenix, Singapore, & Beijing!

I’ve got a soft spot for this film cuz’ Kareem and I were out in Beijing last summer going to shows, mashing, getting into Olympic games, and filming the Beijing element of Death Pedal!

Kareem has put together one of the raddest fixed gear films out there; certainly the most global, perspective-wise. The film is super fun to watch plus I think it’s pretty hilarious too. Kareem has an ill sense of humor and it shows.

You can catch the World Premiere tonite, at The Rat Tail warehouse for free, while sipping on free keg juice, too.

Plus, I'm DJing for my first time in a year!
Before the free screening I’ll be spinning the finest thugpunk; Playing jamz I physically brought back from China w/ me; including gutter punk, riot grrrl, & shoegaze all from Beijing! Also, (U.S.) gangsta jams, crunk jams, and whatever else I feel like, too.

I'll be DJing under my handle-name which I used for my first Beijing blog. I believe the Marcksist-connotation (intentionally mispelled) of that blog name (also my DJ name) was the reason why that blogged got blocked in China.

You are currently reading my 2nd blog, which as far as I know, remains uncensrd (sp) in China.

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(Photo of Ines Brunn, one of the world class riders featured in Death Pedal. Here, she demonstrates her acrobatic ability and incredible bike maneuverability before us, near a Blade Runner-esque construction site in Beijing).

Beijing: A Snapshot of the Future?

*This blog entry chapter, which i haven't finished writing yet, is still underdevelopment. I will be updating it soon. In the meantime, you can find some photos for this entry below:
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(A high speed lane; I believe this is the Second Ring Road, as it's called).

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(I wish our urban futures looked more like this. Real and effective bike infrastructure that really gets people onto bikes and creates a safe/easy yet extremely fun bicycling environment).

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(In Beijing, many buildings, often called "hutongs," which have generally housed working-class families for the last 700 years, are being destroyed and replaced by more 'modern' and denser new buildings).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic (The above image of a monitor which depicts (live) several different intersections being filmed for whatever purposes is actually located in Chengde, not in Beijing. Chengde is a few hours from Beijing, by bus. Do the monitors prevent crime? I guess that would depend on how you define 'crime,' right?).