Thursday, August 13, 2009


I recently received news that this blog is now cnsrd in China...

To be honest, my first reaction was disappointment. I'm disappointed and also bummed that readers and my friends in China can no longer read about my adventures in their fascinating capital.

After my first blog was censored, I actually made a concerted effort to write this 2nd blog in a way that would not set off red flags (no pun intended) which Chinese internet cnsrrs would feel the need to act upon.

This blog simply observes Beijing social life. The content of this blog does not explicitly advocate any specific type of action, lifestyle, or political thought that subverts the status-quo of the Chinese political establishment. That's why I'm surprised that Beijing Dispatches has been censored.

This blog was accessible from a variety of computers in China last summer. So, I know that at one point it was not cnsrd and freely accessible.

Perhaps, the cnsrrs caught on to my misspellings. Maybe the photo taken in Chengde and featured in ‘A Snapshot of the Future?’ post was deemed controversial. I may never know. The truth is uncertain; as is the future of frdm of spch in China.

Clearly, something about the subject matter irked a cnsrr somewhere.


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