Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reclaiming My Edge

While in Beijing I've reclaimed my edge.
I've not only "found" the edge of life, but I've reclaimed it by living on it.
I've done this by simply carrying five keys around with me.
Apparently, it's illegal to ride the subway in Beijing, during the Olympics, with more than five keys...Yes, normal keys, like house keys, etc.
And no one I know knows why that's become a new rule.

For awhile I was riding the subway with EXACTLY five keys on me; three keys to get into the apartment I was staying at and two keys for two, very necessary, bike locks.
If someone wants to get back at me for something they could totally sneak an extra key into my backpack and I would get totally fucked.
Imagine that.

This is the new edge.

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