Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sodas, Scientists, and Explaining Happiness

Wow, Beijing has been a whirlwind of fun the last week. I haven't had much time to blog here, even though there are many things I've been meaning to share with y'all.
I'm blogging in my mind, I s'pose.

So, here's some things for your minds, too.

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I drew this picture of Soda Mask Man.
A person sells sodas while wearing a mask. I should mention that while it's true that this city is quite smoggy, it's actually very rare to see people still wearing these masks. In fact, according to an article I read, some of the Chinese people were somewhat offended that members of the US Cycling Team walked off the plane wearing these masks. Apparently, the Chinese government, including planners and scientists, have worked especially hard to keep the city less smoggy for the games, i.e. restricting and halving car usage, closing factories, etc.

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Taxi Driver (Beijing).
Well, here's the ID card of one person still driving a car.

This taxi driver dropped me off here (a parking lot storage thing for bikes):

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A red tag for every day a bike is left in storage.

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Make bike. Not car.

It just so happens that one of my friends who I worked w/ in Chula Vista years ago is in Beijing, too. He, Sam, is a "DIY" traveller who I look up to; he's been to 98 countries, some which don't exist by the same name anymore. By the way, Sam works full time delivering pizzas, quits, then travels for 2-4 months every year, then gets rehired at the same pizza joint.

It was awesome because I was able to travel w/ him for the first time ever.
We ventured all over Beijing on the sunniest day of my trip.

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Dagoda Temple at Beihai Park.
One of my favorites sites so far.
I think the temple looks like a castle in Super Mario Bros. 3; one of my favorite games of all time, and one of the finest works of media/art ever constructed, in my opinion. Yes, for real.

I love the philosophical-ish names of sites and things in China. Everything is so epic and well-named. For example, a temple at Beihai Park is named and translates into 'Explaining Happiness Temple.'
I learned about the site after leaving the park, but I'll go back there to check out said temple. I'll try to explain what it's like.

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The Forbidden City.
Dead center in the middle of Beijing.
Haven't been inside yet, but soon will.

Last nite my buddy Kareem flew into Beijing. So now shit is on times two!
We hit the streets on a Beijing Saturday nite.
I'll tell y'all what it was like soon.

But now I have to leave asap because we have tickets to see the Cycling Track Race at the Laoshan Velodrome! We're very excited 'cause this is the event we're most looking forward to.
More on events later, too.

Peace from Beijing. Yours truly.

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ariel said...

when do you get back? im so stoked for you on experiencing such a different world over there. hows the availability of vegan food? whats the nastiest thing you've seen?

p.s. watch out for falling into man holes, i read in the paper people over there steal them like crazy to sell to scrap metal dealers these days, Americans have died falling in already.

-alex the girl